Spectra C FAQ & Resources

How does UV-C work?

UV-C light irradiation has the ability to kill bacteria, viruses and other microbes by deactivating them at the DNA level given an appropriate UV fluence is absorbed.  The germicidal effectiveness of UV-C is established science and has been used to this effect for over 40 years.  According to the International Ultraviolet Association:  “The portion of the UV spectrum (the ‘germicidal’ region) that is important for the disinfection of water and air is the range that is absorbed by DNA (RNA in some viruses). This germicidal range is approximately 200-300nm.” 

What UV-C Intensity is effective?

UV intensity strongly depends on the surface distance from the UV emitter and is measured in µW/cm².  The UV irradiance absorbed by a surface over a given period of time is called the "UV fluence" in many cases used synonymous with "UV dose" and is typically measured in mJ/cm².  The effectiveness of a given UV-C dose is also highly dependent on the type of microbe being irradiated.  The paper below, provides a comprehensive review of the UV sensitivities of many microorganisms.  The link can be found here.


Full UV-C Radiometer Test 

Understanding the factors affecting UV Fluence

Full UV-C Banana Test 

Learn more about the science behind UV-C technology

These academic sources provide a good starting point for learning more about the unique attributes of UV-C light.

UV-C in the News

Learn more about Copper

We utilize copper plate in the 'Spectra C Carbon Edition' for its strong thermal conductivity but copper has other interesting attributes which can be read about in the links below. 

How do I use the Spectra C?

See our campaign link for a comprehensive overview on the operation and features of the Spectra C.


The Spectra C is NOT a medical device. The Spectra C is NOT A TOY. It is NOT intended for children. We make no claims about sterilization effectiveness of the Spectra C. It is up to the end-user to educate themselves about the UV-C spectrum and properly use the device. Do NOT look directly into the UV-C light. Do NOT expose bare skin to UV-C light.

Please keep in mind that by using our multipurpose light-source, you assume any risk involved in the use of the products. These tools are designed for the purposes as indicated on the item listing page and any misuse of these products is strictly at the customers own risk. Ronin Energetics Inc. will not be held liable for such negligence in any form.