HYDRA Gen.2 "Dune-Inspired" Magnetic Folding Utility Knife

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- Our unique 🧲MAGNETIC ACTION🧲 enables quick, one-handed opening and secure closing with a satisfying magnetic "snap" and is NON-LOCKING. The Hydra can be rapidly opened and closed with one hand for quick cutting tasks while maintaining a secure grip.

- Special edition Includes an ULTRA SHARP, laser engraved, SK2H Berkling Gold Titanium Nitride coated blade.

- ULTRA LIGHTWEIGHT, weighs just 1.70 oz (50 grams) thanks to a fully composite CFRP frame and precision CNC milled CARBON FIBER and G10 plate. Handle section is 3D printed PA6 CF-Nylon (20% carbon fill), ANNEALED for added strength & rigidity.

- The Hydra is 100% manufactured and finished in Canada.


✅•••ADD $20usd for a 535-style, black anodized stainless steel, DEEP-CARRY POCKET CLIP & x3 custom Laser-patterned DOUBLE-SIDED replacement blades (Gold TiN SK2H)
- x2 "Litany Against Fear" in English
- x1 "Litany Against Fear" in the Chakobsa tribal script of the Fremen

― This limited run HYDRA series features Sea Green G10 and Gold hardware accents, the colors of House Atreides in this "Dune inspired" special edition. Also featuring an ultra-sharp Berkling Titanium Nitride coated SK2H gold blade engraved with the "Litany Against Fear" on the front side and the Hawk of Atreides on the reverse side. ―


- Opened Length (w/blade): 165mm, ~6.75"

- Closed Length: 110mm, ~4.25"

- Pocket clip mounting hole distance: 0.34" (8.64mm) M2 screws

- Built ERGONOMICALLY, the Hydra features a large, open finger ring for ultra-secure grip of the frame, even with gloves.

- PREMIUM carbon composites and materials are used in the components of the Hydra, CNC machined in our Canadian shop.

- CFRP (carbon fiber reinforced nylon) handle provides a comfortable, HIGH-GRIP textured surface.

- The Hydra is built around REPLACEABLE utility blades, no need for constant sharpening. A new blade is like a new knife!

- The blades are TIGHTLY held in place with a COMPRESSION PLATE by x2 M3 (5mm) screws.


- HYDRA Gen.2 Utility Knife
- Premium gift box
- 2mm Allen Key Tool for swapping blades (M3 Screws)
- 1.5mm Allen Key Tool for swapping pocket clip (M2 Screws)

*** Compatible with Berkling blades and 11-700, 11-800 and 1992-style replaceable utility blades ***



An Edge with Attitude

Precision CNC machined in-house, simple magnetic slide action, one-of-a-kind custom replacement blades, 100% handcrafted in Canada

Carbon Composites

Matte Twill Finish

Lightweight & Strong


Dimensions: 52mm x 26mm

Weight: 11 grams

Custom Blades

Ultra-sharp 18mm "Damascus Style" Blade

Magnetic slide action