HYDRA Gen.2 Magnetic Folding Utility Knife | Carbon Fiber

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Our latest Gen.2 HYDRA Utility Folder features a one-of-a-kind 🧲MAGNETIC FLIP ACTION🧲 and TOOL-LESS BLADE swap with included thumbwheel locking screws. The magnetic detent gives the HYDRA a "feel" unlike any other flip knife out there, securing the knife in the closed position and opening with a satisfying snappiness. A COMPRESSION PLATE tightly locks the utility blade to the frame preventing all possibility of blade slip or wobble. The HYDRA includes a high quality carbide blade.

The HYDRA Utility Folder is built around the use of REPLACEABLE UTILITY BLADES and is designed for your most common daily cutting tasks, from fine craft work and opening boxes to slicing drywall on the jobsite. Any task where utility blades excel, the HYDRA is perfectly suited.

This LIMITED RUN of Hydra folders is made from "Black Dunes" FATCARBON carbon fiber plate imported from Lithuania and precision milled in our Canadian shop. The scales are milled from "Black Carbon" Kirinite, a unique and grippy polymer material. No one knife is patterned like the other in this batch due to the unique casting and fabrication process of these raw materials. Rainbow anodized TITANIUM hardware is included.


- Precision CNC milled CARBON FIBER and G10 plate as well as a 3D printed CF-Nylon (20% carbon fill) handle, ANNEALED for added strength & rigidity
- The Hydra is 100% manufactured and finished in Canada
- ULTRA LIGHTWEIGHT, weighs just 1.70 oz (50 grams)
- Opened Length (w/blade): 165mm, ~6.75"
- Closed Length: 110mm, ~4.25"

- Built ERGONOMICALLY, the Hydra features a large, open finger ring for ultra-secure grip of the frame, even with gloves.
- PREMIUM carbon composites and materials are used in the components of the Hydra, CNC machined in our Canadian shop.
- CFRP (carbon fiber reinforced nylon) handle provides a comfortable, HIGH-GRIP textured surface.

- The MAGNETIC DETENT enables quick, one-handed opening and secure closing with a satisfying magnetic "snap".
- SMOOTH ring bearing physically integrated into the Hydra frame increasing rigidity and lowering part count.
- The magnetic action is NON-LOCKING, the Hydra can be rapidly opened and closed with one hand for quick cutting tasks.

- TOOL-LESS blade swapping using thumb wheel screws. Just twist, replace and tighten
- The blades are tightly held in place with a COMPRESSION PLATE with x2 M3 (5mm) screws
- The Hydra is built around REPLACEABLE utility blades, no need for constant sharpening. A new blade is like a new knife!

- Tool-less blade change feature intended for light-duty use. For the most secure blade fit a 2mm Allen key is included.


- HYDRA Utility Knife
- Premium metal gift box
- M3 Thumb wheel screw set for quick-swapping blades
- 2mm Allen Key Tool for swapping blades (for M3 Screws)

*** Compatible with 11-700, 11-800 and 1992-style replaceable blades ***



An Edge with Attitude

Precision CNC machined in-house, simple magnetic slide action, one-of-a-kind custom replacement blades, 100% handcrafted in Canada

Carbon Composites

Matte Twill Finish

Lightweight & Strong


Dimensions: 52mm x 26mm

Weight: 11 grams

Custom Blades

Ultra-sharp 18mm "Damascus Style" Blade

Magnetic slide action